4 Year Old through 5th Grade Children

Elementary Age

Elementary Age

LAC KIDS is a fun-filled time with age-appropriate environments for all children from 4 year olds through 5th Grade.

Our goal is to introduce each child to the love of God through interactive and engaging activities.

LAC KIDS time consists of a large group teaching time, age appropriate special service projects as well as a small group time.

Small group is a time to build relationships, reinforce the Bible lesson and help children apply those lessons to their every-day lives.

Again, this is done through engaging activities, discussions and games. Large group is a fun high-energy time where kids will be engaged through praise & worship, drama, video, skits and storytelling.


9:00 am - Sunday School – Bible Learning and Ministry Opportunities through service projects.

10:15 am - Children's Church


Lac Kids Ministry is held in the Lower Level of the Children's Center.

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