LAC Kids

Infant Nursery


We see it as part of our commission to share of the love of Jesus with even the littlest of people!

Our nursery staff is there to not only love and care for babies, but to also serve and minister to their parents.  We provide a safe environment while parents can worship and learn.

Nursery is available during the 10:15am worship service.  

In order to best ensure that your child's needs are met, please help us by providing any bottles, pacifiers, snacks, or comfort-loveys in diaper bags. Make sure that everything is clearly labeled in order to avoid any confusion. 

Nusery Location

The infant nursery is located in the Main Level of the Children and Youth Center.

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Toddler Sunday School and Nursery


2-3 Years Old

Sunday School

Our Toddlers enjoy learning about God through age-appropriate interactive lessons. We also set an example of prayer before these impressionable minds.  It's never too early to start laying down foundation into precious little hearts!

Worship Service

Child Care is provided during the 10:15am worship service. The Toddler Nursery is in the Lower Level of the Children's Center. 

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Pre-K through 5th Grade Children


Elementary Age

LAC KIDS is a fun-filled time with age-appropriate environments for all children from Pre-K through 5th Grade.

Our goal is to introduce each child to the love of God through interactive and engaging activities.

LAC KIDS time consists of a large group teaching time, age appropriate special service projects as well as a small group time.

Small group is a time to build relationships, reinforce the Bible lesson and help children apply those lessons to their every-day lives.

Again, this is done through engaging activities, discussions and games. Large group is a fun high-energy time where kids will be engaged through praise & worship, drama, video, skits and storytelling.


10:15 am - Children's Church


LAC KIDS is held in the Lower Level of the Children's Center.

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