Paid in Full Campaign Description

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In September, Our Lead Pastor, Pastor Rubens – shared with us the goal of paying off our present facility at 137 Supplee Mill Road, Lewisburg where we presently meet. We have 7 ½ acres. Our new property that we just purchased about 1 mile at the corner of Supplee Mill Road and Furnace Road has 79 Acres. In September of 2018, we presently held a mortgage of $850,000. The plan for the next four years is to PAY IN FULL this property. Here are the budget goals we want to meet by God’s grace and our commitment to this plan. Bring our debt down to...

  • By the end of 2018 - $800,000
  • By the end of 2019 - $630,000 Year 1
  • By the end of 2020 - $440,000 Year 2
  • By the end of 2021 - $230,000 Year 3
  • By the end of 2022 - $18,000    Year 4

*These are approximate rounded figures This can be accomplished by our current congregational giving if every giving unit gives 13.00 a week extra towards the building fund. If you would like to give, there are various ways that to give:

  • Regular giving through our giving APP = Simple Give = online at our website
  • Church offering each week
  • If you have Stocks, retirement assets that you would like to donate, please contact the church office
  • If you would like to gift life insurance, retirement assets, bequests, or trusts, please contact the church office