Children's Security Check-in Procedure


At Lewisburg Alliance Church, we strive to provide secure check-in, name tag identification, attendance records, and parent pick-up systems for our families.

The CheckPoint attendance system makes it easy for families to sign-in every Sunday morning and at special Children’s Events!

  1. Just stop by in the main Check-in Center located on the main level of the children’s Ministry building (Campus Map).
  2. Returning children:  Type in your last name on the I-Pad. Then use the screen to select the children present. Press "next" and "print all" to complete your check-in. It's that easy and quick!
  3. A name tag will be printed for each child, as well as a copy for each parent. Parents must present their tag when picking up children at the end of a session.

FIRST TIME VISITORS:  If this your first time, don’t worry, one of our volunteers are always ready to assist you and your family. A  check-in volunteer will enter all your information and get you on your way!  Someone will lead your child to their classroom.  Parents are welcome to come too for drop off to see where their child will be staying.  

To ensure optimal classroom learning and maintain security for our children, non LAC Children's Ministry volunteers are not permitted to stay in the classrooms.  Also, the entrances to the Children’s Center are locked from 10:30-11:30am each Sunday. A security person is located at the door at all times.