LAC Groups

LAC Groups

Our Small Groups are at the core of the life of LAC. We believe this is where we experience the Christian Community spoken of in the Bible.

LAC Groups are a great way to:

  • connect with new people
  • make new friends and
  • familiarize yourself with a new church!  

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Types of Groups

Every Christian should be a part of a small group.  We provide different types of groups to meet different people's needs.

  • Topical and Biblical Study Groups: Study specific issues that affect our lives on a daily basis.
  • Couple's Groups
  • Family Groups
  • Men's Groups
  • Women's Groups
  • Young Adult Groups

LAC Groups Locations

Get connected to one of the home groups in:

  • Lewisburg
  • Winfield 
  • Mifflinburg
  • Selinsgrove

 Hosts are:

  • Lewisburg- Charles & Joyce Kim - Sunday at Noon
  • Lewisburg- Matt & Marcia Burke- Sunday at 6 PM
  • Lewisburg- Matt & Kristin Barr- Sunday At 6 PM
  • Lewisburg- Mark & Jane Bittner - Sunday at 6 PM
  • Lewisburg- Sam & Sharon Ryder - Sunday at 6 PM
  • Lewisburg- Pastor & Beth Ruba - Sunday at 6 PM
  • Lewisburg- Pastor Collin- Tuesday at 6:30 PM (young adults)
  • Lewisburg- Seth & Lauren Heintzelman - Wednesday at 7 PM (young married)
  • Lewisburg- Tim & Tasha Dershem- Sunday at 6 PM
  • Lewisburg- Dave & Lisa Madsen- Monday at 7 PM
  • Mifflinburg- Larry & Bev Shoemaker - Sunday at 6:30 PM
  • Selinsgrove Area- Scott and Shelley Billings - Sunday at 6 PM
  • Winfield- Ross & Kiersten Muir- Wednesday at 6 PM
  • at LAC- MSG (LAC Men's group) Tim Halteman- Tuesday at 6:30 PM
  • Selinsgrove (7 minutes south of LAC)- Connections (LAC Women's group) Shelley Billings- Tuesday at 6:30 PM

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Small Group Campaign Fall 2018

GENEROSITY- As Christians, we know that we should give but under growing pressures to make ends meet each month, fear often stands in the way of generosity. And when we let it, this fear has the potential to rob us of an intimate relationship with God. Rev. Dr. Rubens Ruba will help you change the way you think about giving, tithing and trusting in God.  When we really trust in God, we can't help but trust Him to meet our needs.  Isn't it time to put aside the worry and start giving with confidence?