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Mountain Ridge

Lewisburg Alliance Church

Experiencing a life-changing journey with Jesus together.

December Sermon Series

New Sermon Series and a few Surprises!

It's so easy to get caught up in the absolute craziness of the Christmas season only to realize later that we have missed the real point of it all.  Jesus must be at the center of our season and at the center of our lives.  In our Christmas sermon series, “How to Build a Manger” we will be reminded that nothing of any significance takes place unless Jesus is in the center of it all. 

Join us every Sunday in December as we celebrate the Advent season through worship, learning and laughter.  And speaking of laughter, we're not sure, but it’s looking like there may be some surprise interruptions in the service by the new church intern, Maggie, as she makes final preparations for the church nativity set and seems to be having trouble with one simple task! 

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